The 2023 SHPE National Convention

Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

"The Largest Gathering of Hispanics in STEM"

At the beginning of November, our club got the opportunity to attend the SHPE National Convention. Throughout the duration of Nationals, companies such as Boeing, Cummins, Raytheon, and many more offer workshops and seminars on leadership, self-awareness, and self-development skills. This convention also offers a 2-day career Expo with 200+ STEM companies wanting to hire specifically us. They are there to meet, interview and offer an opportunity to the best of the best. We are the best of the best.

The Location

Located in SHPE’s Region 3, this year’s conference was held in the beehive state of Utah. Our club members were able to take in the lovely mountain views and enjoy a taste of downtown city life in Salt Lake City whilst attending this year’s SHPE National conference. Our members conveniently stayed at a nearby hotel in the heart of the downtown, on average a 5-minute walk to and from the convention center.

This conference allowed our members plenty of room to grow professionally and personally, with visits as a club and in small groups to several neighboring restaurants and historical sites in Salt Lake City.

Our Results


Achieving New Heights

This convention not only allowed our chapter to grow professionally, but also gave our members the opportunity to develop stronger bonds with each other. It also allowed us to reconnect with our
alumni, many of whom are now working for amazing companies and were able to help the new generation navigate and succeed at Nationals. Additionally, our executive board had the chance to eat lunch with Dean Jim Gregory of the College of Engineering and Co-Director of DEI Kenneth Hunt from ERAU.

Most of the members from our chapter were able to score an interview during the conference; many even received offers as a result those interviews. Our members presented themselves professionally and were in high demand because of their skills and experience.

Member Remarks and Reflection

Dominic Marsh – “I originally didn’t plan on attending this year’s SHPE convention and had little belief in myself. However, after speaking with Maximus our president and an Alumni Daniel Delamota I was convinced to make the trip despite not getting on the list to be funded. Through this decision I worked hard to be ready for this convention and had so many people help me with my resume. The help from so many SHPE members gave me the confidence and I was lucky enough to receive a full time offer from it. I am super grateful to them for supporting and believing in me when I didn’t, and it really shows you how good our familia is.”
Kristen Sanchez-Ramirez – “When I first spoke to Northrop Grumman, the recruiter asked if I would be willing to forfeit my Mexican citizenship. I was told previously that some people choose to do so in order to for sure secure a job but I take pride in being Mexican and didn’t want to give that up. I was kind, but firm, and said no. She basically kicked me out of line. I was hurt for reasons that went beyond her attitude but ultimately decided to get back in line to see if it was a definite no. I ended up landing a same day interview and received my offer shortly after interviewing. It taught me that I don’t need to give up who I am in order to succeed and also taught me that if someone says no it’s because you’re asking the wrong person.”
Itzel Nava Valles – “I would say the time when we were preparing for interviews the night before was really stressful for some of our members and i really felt that vibe going on but one thing that I will always remember was how each one of us were always helping each other whether helping with interview tips and questions or saying our pitch. It showed how through stressful and difficult times we always stick together and help each other as a familia in SHPE.” 

National Recognition

This National Convention ERAU SHPE had some of its members win regional awards. These awards are awarded to those within Region 7 (Florida, Georgia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina) who best represent the award. The following awards were given to some of our chapter members!

“Para La Familia” Award – To those members who are always giving back to their colleagues through mentoring, leading, and setting the example of why SHPE is a Familia.

“Lift as You Climb” Award – This award is focused around someone who leads Servant Leadership. They are supporting others as they continue to achieve higher successes.

Companies That Attended the 2023 Conference

The full list of companies that attended the National Convention can be found below. This list was generously provided by the official SHPE Website.

2023 SHPE National Convention Exhibition List


Join Us for the 2024 SHPE National Convention

  This past convention was located in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the convention, SHPE publicly announced that the 2025 SHPE National Convention will be located in Anaheim, California. SHPE will be celebrating the 50th annual National Conference, a significant milestone for the organization.. Our club will provide more information regarding Nationals once it gets closer. For now, we suggest becoming an official SHPE Member. While our club at the Embry-Riddle campus does not collect dues, SHPE itself has a membership that grants you access to a handful of resources including scholarships, job opportunities, resume reviews, and most importantly, discounted registration prices to all SHPE-hosted events

Clicking the link above will take you out of the ERAU SHPE website.

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