Awards and Acknowledgements

Below are a number of awards and recognitions that our chapter has received throughout the years! We will only ever add to this page; as our familia grows and as our members continue receiving recognitions, we are devoted to showing off any and all of our members’ achievements with pride.

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National Recognition

During the 2022 SHPE National Convention, two of our members received regional awards during the Region 7 meeting. Among all of the SHPE Chapters representing each college in attendance, Alexa Duarte and Maximus Mendez were two of the five total recipients who received the “Para La Familia” award. 

The “Para La Familia” Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed to a chapter in SHPE. This chapter has reached a very high degree of excellence in showing all four of SHPE’s core values: Familia, Service, Education, and Resilience. This award shows that this chapter was able to model and lead by example for all other SHPE chapters.

Blue Chip Awards 2017, 2019, and 2020

The Blue Chip Award is awarded to chapters based on improved performance throughout the academic year. Our Chapter has had the honor of receiving this award three times in the past six years. Due to our family environment to form relationships, community outreach, and the initiative to grow our chapter.

IDEA Award 2023

At the ERAU Spring 2023 Awards ceremony, SHPE received the prestigious IDEA accolade in recognition of their ongoing commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. They were honored for their efforts in empowering students from all backgrounds, irrespective of their race, beliefs, appearance, or gender, to become part of their community and uphold their core values of Familia, Service, Education, and Resilience.

The “IDEA” Award, which stands for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy, is bestowed upon individuals and groups who have actively fostered diversity and inclusion by creating an environment that values and harnesses each person’s unique talents, much like our close-knit SHPE Familia.

Featured Embry-Riddle Stories

Want to learn more about members? ERAU interviewed three of our members who they believed to be outstanding in their field to give testimonies on their journeys and reflect on how far they’ve come since starting at Embry-Riddle. 

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Odalis Bonilla, Aerospace and Occupational Safety
Elliot Rodriguez, Aerospace Engineering
Isabella Novo, Computational Mathematics
Zeba Momin, Valeria Slotter, Jabir' Etienne, Cameron Smith & Adrian Moraga

Boeing E-Week Competition

SHPE wins bottle rocket challenge at Boeing E-Week!

During the Spring 2023 semester, Boeing E-week was taking place and out members made the trip to participate. Unaware that they were required to bring a finished rocket, the group quickly put their minds together and whipped up a trophy winning rocket. Their ingenuity and creativity landed them first place!

2023 Robo Boat Competition

International Robo Boat Competitions

SHPE members, Ana Alvarez, Dominic Marsh, and Francisco Bustamante with the rest of the robotics association of Embry-Riddle competed in the international RoboBoat competitions, winning second place in 2022 and fourth place in 2023.